Before Hooters Hong Kong, There was Swiss Wings


We, at Hooters Hong Kong are famous in Hong Kong for our chicken wings. In fact, we consider our chicken wings, whether it’s the Boneless, Beach Style or our very own Original Hooters Style, as our best selling items in our menu. But, we aren’t just about chickens nor wings. We are an American restaurant and a sports bar as well. Our business began in the United States and as of now, we are scattered all around the globe, sharing the American way of enjoying food while watching our favourite sports events.


Chicken wings in Hong Kong are very common. You see, Hong Kong nationals, basically Asians are really into wings regardless if it’s grilled or simply pan-fried. That’s one of the reasons why Hooters Hong Kong gradually increased the influence of chicken wings to Hong Kong. Our arrival to the city which was used to be a colony of Great Britain, has boosted the number of food stalls which offer all sorts of cuisine that include the use of chicken wings. However, the very first chicken wings that touched the taste buds of the Hong Kong nationals were the ones called, Swiss Wings. According to history, this type of wing is marinated with soy sauce, Chinese wine and other spices. It also uses sugar for additional sweet taste. Now, don’t think that Switzerland invented this wings just because it’s called “Swiss” wings. Rumour has it that waiter who made this chicken wings was asked by a customer what that wings was called. Unfortunately, the waiter couldn’t speak perfect English and he introduced the meal as “Sweet Wing”. The customer misinterpreted it as “Swiss” and that name stayed on from there on. It’s widely believed that Swiss Wings have come from Hong Kong or Guangzhou.

We now have an explanation as to why Hong Kong nationals have a special spot for sweetened chicken wings in their heart. It has been a part of their history and tradition. As a restaurant which serves chicken wings, we, at Hooters Hong Kong, respect this tradition and we promise to serve good chicken wings to our customers, both Hong Kong nationals and foreigners.